Ireland Window Tint Laws

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What is legal

In Ireland window tint is legal to use up to a certain darkness level. This article will give you a brief rundown of Ireland window tint laws and other regulations concerning these vehicle modifications.

If you’re looking to install window tint in Ireland the law permits the following:

Windshield: must have a minimum of 65% VLT

Front side windows: must have a minimum of 65% VLT

Back side windows: any darkness can be used

Rear window: any darkness can be used

VLT means Visible Light Transmission, and this number represents the percentage of light able to pass through your car windows.

NCT inspection

Window tint is part of NCT (National Car Test) testing in Ireland. If you install window tint which is not legally permitted your vehicle will fail inspection.

Window tint is tested with a device called a light meter or photometer, and you should know that police officers in Ireland are also equipped with these devices with increasing frequency.

Road Safety Authority allows up to 3% variance in window tint levels, however due to light meters not being 100% accurate we do not recommend tinting windows beyond legal limits.

Ireland does not allow medical exemptions for darker window tint.

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